Announcement of the Mito Seiko co., Ltd.

「KES ステップ2」認証取得のお知らせ


当社は、環境負荷の管理と低減及び環境保護を基本理念とし、含有化学物質管理、廃棄物の削減適正処理、省エネ対策などに積極的に取り組んでおり、2018年12月「KES ステップ2」の認証を取得いたしました。



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「ISO9001」 定期審査と成形工場追加申請認証のお知らせ




ISO001 ISO002

ISO003 ISO004

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GW news

Dear valued customers,

Thank you, your continued.

While a truly selfish, 4/28/2019(Day)From 5/6(Moon)The authorised and the closure period.

We ask that we deeply apologize the inconvenience during the inquiry.

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AED seminar held

Conducting drills, we have to participate every year, officials and AED training.
3/14 leave this time, invited speaker, AED training meeting was held.
aed01  aed00

Cases, according to the data of the Meteorological Agency in recent years 123987 people have cardiac activity stops ambulance due to being and witnessed civilians out 25469 around which life-saving treatments by AED use only 907 people was.

From 119 to call an ambulance until time is approximately 8.5 minutes in a national averages. If made by AED lifesaving treatment, survival is not yet of that would be about five times. But you know how important is life-saving treatments after cardiopulmonary arrest.

aed02  aed03

In the course of time, received practical guidance with the basics, such as how to use the AED and chest compressions. In addition, learned the importance of basic relief, such as the technical aspects, as well as the call for help in a loud voice, to gather people, strangers who also work with the roles and performed Chest Compressions in turn, get off of their hands.
Really people, lying far calmly you can deal with that... to learn life-saving treatment knowledge and skills throughout the course of this how should be realized.

aed04  aed05

We will continue, we would visit provides the opportunity like this.

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[Katsuta marathon race: in joined

We are hitachinaka conducted in hitachinaka-Shi [Katsuta marathon race] to participate each year.
1/27/2019 again this year leave(Day), Was able to finish safely without having to participate in the 10 km of our hero to name a few, no one injured.
We believe in the shared sense of aiming at the goal at all, both overcome the pain and sense of accomplishment, not taste only in the ordinary course of business, it will lead to great teamwork.

[Katsuta marathon race], pick up 67 times in a year, and the popular Marathon in the country, is rising levels of runners every year.
Expectations about next year than our heroes battle.

○ After the race photos

○ Katsuta Marathon official website

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Ministry of economy, trade and industry "regional future traction company" to selected

Once again, Mito Seiko co., Ltd. from the Ministry of economy, trade and industry "regional future towing companies" to inform that was selected.
As a regional candidate for the regional economy towing business leaders, in 1543, in Ibaraki Prefecture, including our company, has been selected by 31.
[Future local towing companies]
Expand your business strongly driving economic growth in the region by regional future and towing companies, utilizing the characteristics of high added-value to create the ripple effect economically for regional operators, such as on more positively, or It is selecting the companies expected to be tackled now.
* Quote:Ministry of economy industry
So, become a company can lead strong regional economic growth and development, and make efforts to satisfy our customers, we also contribute to Community regional future as a towing company, enhancement of production capacity further improvement, quality management, internal systems to strengthen our product offer We will do more.

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New year's greetings

~ Happy new year ~

Giving us the patronage bestowed on exceptional, thank you.
Also, regarding our production activities, cooperation and understanding of all, again.

What stood in your perspective or more this year than last year-making so smoothly,
Look forward to your patronage and guidance further appreciate sincerely.
March 31, new year's day
Mito Seiko co., Ltd.: employees


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Season's greetings

There, thank you for your continued.

This year we have supported many sincere thanks.

Next year, look forward to this year as well for your support and patronage employees sincerely appreciate.

Is a recent company trip.

Is committed to answering the more employees as a result, you can help your.

Receptions sincerely hope you'll have a brilliant new year, we are earnestly his humor as you will find, I will exchange season's greetings.


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Notice of new year holidays this year

Dear valued customers,

Thank you, your continued.

While a truly selfish, 12/29/2018(Soil)From 1/6/2019(Day)The period of time, will be closed by the end.

During the great inconvenience for the inconvenience, but please please.

1/7 sho(Moon)From we will resume normal business.

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Announcement of temporary closure

Dear valued customers,

Thank you, thank you very much for your continued patronage of the exceptional.

You closed on the following dates for the training of our employees well.

Thank you to inconvenience for the inconvenience, but please.

-Closing date: 12/7/2018 (Friday)

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