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5-Axis Compound Lathes

5-Axis Compound Lathes

We have several 5-axis compound lathes (Mazak INTEGREX). Our composite processing technology can reduce the number of production processes significantly as well as cost. In addition, one-chucking operation can dramatically improve product quality.

Robot Stations

Robot Stations (Automation)

Unmanned operation with articulated robots allows parts to be mass-produced at lower cost with shorter delivery time and high quality. This will greatly help our customers compete in the global market in terms of quality, delivery and cost.

Machining Centers

Machining Centers

We have about 15 machining centers, mostly Fanuc Robodrills, which are small in size but highly productive. They allow us to meet the diversified needs of customers from mass production to prototype production.

A List of Facilities

Facility Name Model (Manufacturer) Number of Units Machining Ability
Machining centers Large-sized machining centers Mazak H-4000 and other Horizontal, 2 400*400
Mazak AJV-18 Vertical, 1 500*400
Machining centers Fanuc Robodrill 15 500*400
NC lathes 5-axis compound lathes Mazak INTEGREX 3 φ500
C-axis compound lathes Mazak QTN 6 φ350
NC lathes Mazak QT and others 5 φ300
Gang tooling NC lathes Eguro NCLET10 and others 14 φ25
Automatic mass production facilities Robot stations Eguro SANAX8+
FANUC articulated robot
1 φ50
Small NC parts feeders Citizen   φ10
General purpose machinery General purpose lathes   3 φ600
General purpose millers   2 700*300
Other equipment CNC image instruments Mitsutoyo QUICK SCOPE 2 250*250
Butt welders GNS 1 Up to 2 inches
Panel saws   1 1800*3000
Electric annealing furnace   1 1000*1000
Sizer image KEYENCE IM-6500 1

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