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Medical parts

Medical Parts
PMMA Processing and Mirror Finishing

PMMA Processing and Mirror Finishing

Providing transparent finish as important functions, acrylic materials are used in a wide range of applications, including joint blocks for medical analyzers and fluid control systems to check flow. Our unique long-hole drilling technology can provide luster for internal bores without any post-process treatment.

PEEK, PPS and Polyimid

PEEK, PPS and Polyimide

With high heat resistance of over 200C and chemical resistance, super engineering plastics are used in many industries such as the medical, semiconductor and automotive industries, and also drawing attentions as alternatives to metal materials in recent years. But the cost has been the problem. Since our system can maximize benefits to customers including material procurement, small-lot production such as prototype manufacturing can be conducted at low cost.

Other Materials

Other Materials

New resin materials are produced every day for use in industry. By quickly adapting our processing technology to such new materials and continuing to supply high quality general purpose resin (ABS, POM, PVC, PP) without making compromises, we strive to establish a trusting relationship with customers and gain high customer satisfaction.

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