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Company Profile

Company Profile
President Mr. Humio Tate

Message from the President

We always try to put ourselves in our customer’s shoes in all aspect of manufacturing, let alone quality, delivery and cost.
In the advancing information society, our biggest theme is to overcome the limitations of resin processing by creating new manufacturing formats and to develop useful information and technology to our customers in order to create a prosperous society and future full of dreams that future generations would be proud of together with our customers.

President Mr. Humio Tate

Company Profile

Company Name Mito Seiko Corporation
Address Yamazaki Industrial Complex 46-2
Yamazaki, Hitachinaka City, Ibaraki Pref 311-1251 Japan
TEL +81-29-265-8004
FAX +81-29-265-8366
Capital 10,500,000 YEN
Our Banks Joyo Bank, Hitachinaka Branch
Bank of Mitsubishi-Tokyo UFJ, Mito Branch
Business Line ・Resin precision cutting article
  PEEK, PPS, Vespel, Poly amide-imide, PTFE,
  PFA, PCTFE, PVDF, PVC, Acrylics, ABS, POM, etc.
・Plastic welding、Covering
・Fluorine coating
・Radioactive iodine adsorption cartridge


Apr. 1985 Founded.
Apr. 1991 Constructed the head office and a plant in the Yamazaki Industrial Complex in Nakaminato City (present Hitachinaka City).
Jan. 1992 Introduced machining centers, CNC/composite processing machines, and 3-axis simultaneous control machining centers.
Jan. 1993 Constructed a four-storied laboratory on the same premises and the first floor was for a clean room.
Nov. 1995 Supplied manufacturing equipment of thin films of CVD optical circuit elements for optical fibers for NTT.
Jun. 2001 Introduced a 5-axis simultaneous processing compound lathe (Mazak INTEGREX).
Jun. 2003 Certified by the Japan Quality Assurance Organization (JQA).
Registration number: JQA-QMA 10048.
Dec. 2006 Obtained KES-STEP2 certification (Miyako Agenda 21 Forum).
Registration number: KES2-HI-0089.
Mar. 2010 Certified as a company practicing IT management by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.
Jun. 2010 Completed the construction of Plant No. 2 in the same industrial complex.
Introduced robot stations (automation facilities).
Sept. 2010 Introduced the third 5-axis compound lath (Mazak INTEGREX).
May. 2011 Be adopted to support increasingly sophisticated business infrastructure technology strategic Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.
Jun. 2011 Completed the construction of a new head office building (on the same premises as Plant No. 2).
Established a sales base in Suzhou, China, jointly with the Hitachi Regional Technical Support Center and other two companies.
Sept. 2012 Dismantling the old office building was damaged by the earthquake
Feb. 2012 Introducing a super engineering plastic injection molding machine support(Electric motor 110t JSW)
May. 2012 Completed on the site of the old headquarters building with a clean room research
Start the injection molding of super engineering plastics



■Using a car
From Joban Expressway Misato IC, go towards Kita-Kanto Expressway via the Tomobe JCT.
When you reach the Hitachinaka IC, turn left to exit.
You would reach R245. Turn left on the Hetano traffic signal. Turn left again in the 1st signal to arrive to Yamazaki Industrial Complex.

■By train
Ride the JR Joban Line at Ueno Station and go down at Katsuta Station. (The special express takes 70 minutes)
Take a 15-minutes taxi ride to Yamazaki Industrial Complex.

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