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Quality control

Quality Control
Mitutoyo Corporation  QUICK SCOPE QS, Keyence Corporation   IM-6500

Latest Testing Equipment

The introduction of the latest CNC image measurement equipment has enabled us to conduct precise measurement which was impossible with general purpose measuring equipment. The similar equipment has been also installed at manufacturing site and training is provided so that high quality can be achieved in the manufacturing process.

Mitutoyo Corporation QUICK SCOPE QS
Keyence Corporation IM-6500



We have a unique consolidated production management system that involves perfect production data tracing, management of accounts receivable and payable, ISO management and tool management. Our system receives favorable comments from customers. IT technology is fully utilized in production to achieve high quality.
*We were certified as a company practicing IT management by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry in fiscal year 2010.

Our Company System is Built and Managed in a Unified Manner


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